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Undisposable Clients

Undisposable Clients provides easy-to-use API kits for using in various programming languages. is a collaborative protection system against disposable email accounts like jetable, pookmail, 10minutemail. This is a language independent Web service. It currently supports REST and XML-RPC protocols and PHP serialization. It is meant to prevent userbase contamination by fake accounts. It requires no registration.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  02 Jan 2008 21:03

    Release Notes: has been lost; this release has migrated to

    •  22 Jan 2007 13:47

      Release Notes: The isValidEmail function was added for PHP and Python. Valid RFC and TLD checks are made in real time, as well blacklist queries against disposable email addressing and public accounts from sites similar to

      •  24 Dec 2006 18:56

        Release Notes: PHP JSON support has been added.

        •  30 Nov 2006 05:45

          No changes have been submitted for this release.

          Recent comments

          06 Mar 2011 18:02 itzekocke


          as undisposable.* is down I established an alternative service to check if subscribers use trashmail addresses. Currently the service detects >600 domains as well as new domains with servers from known existing trash-domains. Have a look at

          Would be great to hear from you,


          26 Dec 2006 02:46 esokullu

          Re: useful for alienating users
          Fact 1: This project should exist at least for those who don't want "spammers" on their site. This is a free world, man!

          Fact 2: Using disposable emails and bugmenot is not good, you may be working at one of these sites but they are doing something legally wrong. As a user, if you don't trust a site, you shouldn't be a member, but you don't have right to cheat.

          25 Dec 2006 17:56 tijiji

          useful for alienating users
 seems to be run by some sort of hobbyist spammer as he talks about email addresses as the "biggest asset" of community-driven web sites. He seems confused by the notion of "owning" the userbase, probably deems people useful for free content generation only, or believes that webmasters somehow had THE RIGHT TO always pressure out their visitors email addresses. But it's all probably just the classical user account VS user partitipation misunderstanding/syndrome.

          "Collaboration" on this proprietary web service won't happen, because web users have already collectivelly voted FOR disposable email address services, due to bad experiences with some web sites (hint: phpclasses). With only the mini RPC code fragments promoted here, instead of a visible blacklist, this is also a closed service with tons of opportunity for later censoring of single mail servers or just users - data protection aside.

          Overall, this is a project working against the most useful anti-spam services in existence today. What's more to say?

          TO FRESHMEAT STAFF: Could we please make an exception from the site policy, and for once remove sleazy entries?


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