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Uncle Unc is a framework for working with trees of objects. Existing services such as filesystems, code libraries, networks, log files, mailboxes and directories can be mapped onto this object tree, as can some traditional desktop applications. User interfaces work directly with the object tree, offering best of breed interface design (e.g. filtering, breadcrumb bars, paging, sorting, and file-explorer-like views) across the full range of services. The framework promotes clean design, completeness of representation, and reusability of both front end and back end code.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  25 Jul 2003 12:06

    Release Notes: Problems with the GroupTabPane widget have been resolved, allowing it to automatically deduce what groupings an objects' fields, methods, and children fall into if no hints are provided. The XML format for persisting object trees has been modified to no longer require ad-hoc tag names, allowing a formal DTD to be developed. (Ad hoc tags are still supported by the reader for backwards compatibility.) A revised third- party libraries bundle has been posted, as the previous version was corrupt.

    •  04 Jul 2003 09:32

      Release Notes: The Sirius GUI viewpane can now switch between a simple list and a detailed view, two new base-level interfaces have been added for sorting and searching containers, the filtering system has been refactored to allow for filtering of objects other than first-class items, and the about box has been restored.

      •  02 Jun 2003 22:00

        Release Notes: Javadoc for all source code has been reviewed and improved. Improvements have been made to the filter interfaces, and a set of default file system filters developed.

        •  09 May 2003 14:37

          Release Notes: The filesystem classes have been revised to use the Shaper-based architecture. A simple interactive coding tutorial has been developed. Numerous minor improvements to the stability and responsiveness of the system have been made.

          •  14 Jan 2003 14:36

            Release Notes: Any Uncle Unc View can now be written as an XML stream. A simple HTTP server for serving these views has been developed, as well as a set of client classes, allowing for a thin client-style networking approach to Unc, with possible applications for file-sharing, remote groupware, and administration of network services for small devices. A number of refactorings of the code base have also been undertaken in order to improve flexibility and reusability of the user interface.


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