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Umple can be used for pure UML modeling. Or it can be used to add UML constructs, such as associations and state machines to code written in Java, PHP, or Ruby. It generates code in these languages that can save a large amount of programming effort and result in higher quality. The UmpleOnline tool allows you to edit UML diagrams graphically, and watch the Umple textual code being written in real time. This works the other way too: you can write textual Umple and watch the corresponding UML diagram appear. Umple is being extended to support patterns, tracing, and a variety of other features. Umple is written in itself, which is central to maintaining its quality. Umple can be used today by any programmer or modeler.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  23 Sep 2013 12:23

    Release Notes: Real time C++. Metrics generation from an Umple Model. Many small improvements to code generation. Improvements to syntax and messages to prevent programmer/modeler error. Language-specific code blocks. Improvements to trace generation.

    •  02 Feb 2013 00:35

      Release Notes: Comments on classes, methods, etc. are emitted with generated code. Line numbers in the original file are emitted with generated code. The command line compiler will now show the line in the Umple source when a failure occurs. A large number of new error and warning messages were provided, improving the ability to edit Umple code. Graphviz state diagram generation was provided on the command line and in UmpleOnline.

      •  24 May 2012 16:34

        Release Notes: This version incorporates many recent changes including immutable classes, better command line options, comments transfer from input Umple to output Java, basic tracing capability (MOTL), improved SQL generation, automatic transitions from a state, and numerous bugfixes.

        •  14 Sep 2011 21:42

          Release Notes: The official Eclipse plugin now uses XText for syntax highlighting and context assist. Note that the code generated by Umple hasn't changed in this release (the 605 remains constant), so the same code will be generated by the command line compiler

          •  06 Aug 2011 19:28

            Release Notes: A bug in the Eclipse plugin was fixed. The compiler has not changed, only the Eclipse plugin. The command-line compiler remains at In the previous version, the Eclipse plugin failed to correctly invoke the compiler. All who had downloaded Eclipse plugin should replace it with this version.


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