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UMPL for XmailServer

UMPL for XmailServer is a Web frontend for managing Xmailserver and Webmailsolution. Different frontends are presented for root, the postmasters of virtual domains, and end-users. It includes support for managing finger, POP3, SMTP, and Webmail in German, English, Dutch, Italian, and Spanish.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  03 Apr 2004 02:34

    Release Notes: This release adds Arabic and Greek translations, new interfaces for user and alias management, individual codepage headers inside composed messages, and new icons in the user interface (icons taken from KDE 3 and Gnome). Small bugs on Windows have been fixed. The "From" header is no longer set by the command line switch "-f" when safe_mode is enabled. A critical bug within user authentication has been fixed. Because of this bug, it is strongly recommended to update to the latest version.

    •  18 Nov 2003 04:59

      Release Notes: The In-Reply-To Header was added inside Mailclient. The Message-ID Header no longer abuses spamassassin. A Return-Path Header was added inside Mailclient. A Swedish translation was added. A bug inside Mailclient, in which headers like "from:" and "FROM:" were not recognized, was fixed. A per-user Autoreply option was added. UTF encoding was added for uservars. Non-standard-ASCII characters can now be used. Minor code-cleanups were made. A domain-syntax check in /root/ when creating new domains was added.

      •  01 Sep 2003 15:26

        Release Notes: Hungarian, Polish, and Turkish dialogs were added. Minor code-cleanups were made. A feature for listing, showing, deleting, and re-submitting frozen messages in /root/ was added. Minor changes were made to the interfaces in /root/. A bug inside aliasdomains was fixed, so users of aliasdomains can now use webmail. A bug inside user-management was fixed, so that PopEnable and SmtpEnable are now correctly pre-selected.

        •  10 May 2003 23:40

          Release Notes: New Slovenian and French dialogs, minor bugfixes for the mailparsing class (which now works with PHP > 4.3), and new interactive Perl-based installer and upgrade scripts.

          •  13 Feb 2003 08:54

            Release Notes: This version adds Dutch dialogs, includes minor bugfixes for the session-management, and now allows inbox-overview to be ordered.

            Recent comments

            14 May 2004 21:38 pp1dt

            error using perl-installer
            when I enter ./

            the system return as : bad interpreter: no such file or directoryperl, am I miss-up something ?

            I did the rpm -q perl

            perl-5.8.0-88 was installed

            appreciate help, thanks !


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