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05 Jan 2012 14:59 strombergjo

I am using the UMLGraph jar directly and it is reporting a lot of problems of the kind:
package X does not exist
cannot find symbol symbol : Y
for files not included as part of the command.
Is there a way to ignore external packages/files (I am not really interested in UML for these anyway) or is there a way to add them as external dependencies?

22 Feb 2011 13:47 martib

UmlGraphDoc.runGraphviz() should return a boolean (false on exception) or an IOException in case of a error in "Runtime.getRuntime().exec()", because the calling methods (like generatePackageDiagrams()) do not interrupt in case of a exception. So UmlGraphDoc.runGraphviz() will always return 'true' and only a System.out message is printed.

07 Oct 2010 15:12 kevinpotgieter

This really is a fantastic product, however, I am wondering, does anyone know when the maven umlgraph plugin (version 5.3) will find its way into the public Maven Repository?

02 Sep 2009 01:00 hereschenes

Not sure how else to contact the project author, so I just wanted to report a bug in UMLGraph 5.2 - if you have a method in the Java source file which either returns a generic type, or uses a generic type as one of its parameters, then UMLGraph barfs on the output.

I'm using the command-line interface to generate output, with the parameters "private -visibility -types -operations -attributes -enumerations -enumconstants -inferdep -inferreltype depend -constructors"

26 Feb 2008 15:06 thammr

Lots of warnings.
Any reason why I am getting thousands of warnings of the form:

javadoc: warning - Warning: illegal attribute balign in <TD> - ignored

when using the doclet.

03 Jan 2008 22:00 giannidoe

HTML labels
Firstly congratulations to the developer, this is such a useful


My only issue is that I open the dot files in OmniGraffle which

doesn't support html formatting for labels. Is there any way to

turn off html for labels?

07 Aug 2007 04:19 shamsm

Really cool tool
I would like to congratulate the developers on making such a cool tool. The concept of declarative diagramming is simply cool.

Also I would like to know whether there are any plans of using this tool to reverse engineer seuence diagrams.

18 Jul 2007 03:39 fabianritzmann

spacing between objects in sequence diagrams
I have some cases where there is too little space between objects. According to the documentation, the movewid variable should help. However, sequence.pic (version 4.8 and earlier) obviously is not using movewid at all. Does anybody have a solution?

18 Jul 2007 03:33 fabianritzmann

Re: Issues with spacing variable in sequence diagrams
Sorry, the text got garbled. One more try:

.fam H # font family Helvetica

.ft R # font type Roman

.ps 6 # font size 6


copy "sequence.pic";


18 Jul 2007 03:29 fabianritzmann

Re: Issues with spacing variable in sequence diagrams
You can scale the text with pic2plot by passing the -f parameter to it. If you are generating Postscript output e.g. through groff, you can set the font size in your pic file like this:

.fam H # font family Helvetica
.ft R # font type Roman
.ps 6 # font size 6


copy "sequence.pic";



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