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15 Apr 2014 13:30 cjgidman

I would like to create a custom relation. However, there are no custom relation templates. (Essentially, all I really want is to be able to have a multi-line qualifier (q1,q2) on the relation. I was thinking of using the backslash that works so well in other elements. So, you could just implement that and I would be happy.) Thoughts?

03 Jan 2014 09:43 alienscience

This is the favourite UML tool in our office. Sdedit ( is a nice addition for sequence diagrams.

24 Jul 2012 18:29 vsteven

Thanks for the great software.

I have been using it for a while now and find it much better that any other tool I have tried before.

08 Aug 2011 18:05 robertmuil

Lovely tool for its extensibility...

A suggestion: if custom elements could extend existing elements, customisation would be very much easier. I want to extend the 'Relation' element to add a state-machine 'interrupt' transition which is the same as the normal arrow but looks like a lightning-bolt to represent a departure from normal flow.

20 Feb 2011 11:06 nagora

Immediately fails with 'Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: Bad version number in .class file'

Admittedly this could be Java's fault.

19 Feb 2011 13:42 alexandreseabra

Very easy-to-use tool. Really appreciate it. But it's source could be at a easy-to-set-up dev environment like githut, google code. I truly belive that would receive a lots of contributions. Author, consider that!
I felt lack of export/import to java funcionality.

04 Aug 2010 12:42 Ayyapan

After using a lot of 'Smart' UML-editors (and banished them all from my harddrive) I find UMLet the best tool to do the job.

30 Dec 2009 07:28 dashohoxha

I think that UMLet is easy, simple and powerful. I got used to it very quickly, and I find it very productive. I like especially its wiki-like syntax for defining the properties of the diagram elements.

06 Dec 2009 12:39 dudube

I really like this tool - very handy and customizable, also it's simplicity and granularity it offers is awesome.


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