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Umbra is a simple computer role-playing game, written in Python. The world is randomly-generated for new play every time, but there is an eventual goal and storyline. It was heavily influenced by rogue-like games, Alternate Reality, console RPGs, and the works of H.P. Lovecraft and Clark Ashton Smith.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  18 Sep 2002 04:28

    Release Notes: The basic game is now complete, but could still be expanded and improved in many ways. There were a number of improvements - the tavern menu works correctly, teachers are affordable, and the beginnings of a magic system are in place. This release also features a license change.

    •  10 Jul 2001 13:53

      Release Notes: There are now a handful of teachers in each town who can improve your skills in exchange for money. Rowboats were added to allow you to cross lakes and oceans, and there's no more "land border" around the outside, except near land. Game and sector loading and saving has been made a lot faster. There are now light levels, determined by the time of day if you're outside, and the presence of light-emitting items. Because the lighting is fairly slow right now, it can be turned off with command line options. Your characters now dutifully record everywhere they've been, and you can view that map on the main menu. Text-mode is more usable now, as it now shows a key of all visible things on the map, and hides grids you can't see. There's now some minimal loot in townsfolks' homes, if you're willing to go take it from them. But they may not be not happy about you breaking and entering. You can now chop down trees, bushes, doors, and altars. Such action requires the use of an appropriate weapon.

      •  31 May 2001 09:52

        No changes have been submitted for this release.


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