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09 May 2000 14:45 boff

Great IRCd (again) :)
What more can I say.. we like it! A compliment to the coders.. and all those involved :-)

16 Jan 2000 17:38 weazel

Great IRCd
I've been a part of the VillageIRC for years now, and I am really amazed on what UltimateIRCd has done for the network. It's extremely easy to set up and configure, and it's a lot more stable than previous ircds we've had. Out of all of the IRCds I've tried, this is my favorite.

02 Nov 1999 13:50 slushey

great ircd, but would be better based on a differant base ircd
Its a good ircd, good coding - one problem "LAG"!! If you made it on a differant base ircd (besides df) it could be better. Try Hybrid or another hybrid version :)


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