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Ultimate Boot CD

Ultimate Boot CD is a collection of Freeware and Free Software tools for PC diagnostics and maintenance. Included are tools for BIOS editing, CPU and memory testing, boot management, data recovery, peripheral and system inventory, and hard drive partitioning, cloning, wiping, diagnostics, and low-level editing. All tools boot and run from the CD.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  22 Aug 2013 22:08

    Release Notes: Parted Magic has been updated to 2013_08_01. CPUstress has been updated to V2.3.5. The xfprot module within Parted Magic has also been updated to V2.4expl6. Many other miscellaneous program updates have been made.

    •  29 May 2013 22:53

      Release Notes: Updated versions of DiskCheck (V4.3.0), HDClone (V4.3.2) ASTRA (V6.04), HDShredder (V4.0.0), CPUstress (V2.3.3), and grub4dos (0.4.5c-2013-05-21). Updated deltree and Jemm386 in FreeDOS. UBCD FreeDOS version has been updated to V1.49. Parted Magic has been updated to 2013_05_01_i586, which fixes the issue of Firefox maxing out the CPU, but has a regression in running from RAM. As such, that option is commented out for this release so that only the "live" boot option is available.

      •  03 May 2013 00:26

        Release Notes: This release provides FDUBCD and DOSAPPS on a 16MB superfloppy image. This will enable FDUBCD to work on more systems under both sysLinux/memdisk and grub4dos. The ClamAV and F-Prot antivirus databases are now included. Many applications have been updated.

        •  18 Jul 2012 03:05

          Release Notes: This release involves a major reorganization to the directory structure to achieve better isolation of UBCD-related files, as well as the addition, update, and removal of many apps. It also includes Parted Magic for more reliable access to NTFS filesystems and USB storage devices. It supports both sysLinux/isoLinux and grub4dos to improve the chances that UBCD will boot on any machine.

          •  30 Apr 2005 06:28

            Release Notes: This release featured updates to CDShell V2.1.6 and BCDW V2.0a1 and added AVG Free Edition, CHZ Monitor-Test, Necromancer's DOS Navigator, GRUB, Eraser, FileLink, QwikTest, and D-Browse. It also updated various other applications to their latest releases and refreshed the virus definition files.


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