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11 Apr 2005 14:41 ufdb

1.1 beta is ready
ufdbGuard 1.1 beta is ready to be tested by beta users. The performance is improved, a few bugs are fixed and full URLs are used (e.g. in addition to the regular domain names (e.g.

Since ufdbGuard is focussing on speed, agressive optimisation options are used for gcc. We have observed that gcc 3.3.4 produces correct code while 3.4.2 has a few flaws using the most agressive optimisation options. Beta testers are requested to test more compiler versions on various operating systems.

While version 1.0 can be downloaded from SourceForge (,
version 1.1beta can only be downloaded from URLfilterDB ( The final 1.1 version will be downloadable from SourceForge and URLfilterDB.


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