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User Dialog Perl Module

User Dialog Perl Module is an OOPerl interface for dialog-based applications such as dialog, cdialog, whiptail, gdialog, and kdialog. It features extensive documentation with detailed compatability charts, enhanced usage of cdialog font attributes, and text element alignment for curses based dialogs. It is useful for writing Unix system scripts in Perl, or for when quick, portable, and robust interfaces are required.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  19 Feb 2003 11:29

    Release Notes: The license was changed to LGPL, Perl 5.6 is now supported, and the versions of dialog used in Debian Woody and Red Hat 8.0 are now supported.

    •  08 Jan 2003 05:48

      Release Notes: This release includes PATH variable fixes for Taint support, expands ./t/?.t tests to include ASCII widget tests, adds 'sttybin' and 'use_stderr' (initial) attributes, fixes center text alignment, escapes ` along with " ( ' doesn't need to be escaped), fixes a repeater-menu bug, fixes a typo and a 'sticky text attr' bug, fixes a whiptail infobox 'DISPLAY' bug, includes fselect() improvements, and adds four basic "event" handlers: "HELP", "EXTRA", "ESC", and "CANCEL".

      •  22 Dec 2002 15:58

        Release Notes: There is a new native (ASCII) mode that simulates most (if not all) of the common widgets. UDPM does not require any dialog binaries to perform the essential functions. There are more configuration options, updated documentation, Nautilus script support, existing widget tweaks, and more runtime error-checking. All subsequent updates (up to 1.00) will be bugfixes and packaging cosmetics.

        •  18 Dec 2002 12:36

          No changes have been submitted for this release.


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