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udhcp Server/Client

udhcp Server/Client is an embedded DHCP client and server that can be compiled seperately (19k and 17k respectively), or as one combined binary (29k). The server stores its lease file periodically, or by a signal (for systems with flash memory) in terms of absolute time of lease expiration, or time remaining in a lease (for systems with no clocks). The client calls helper scripts to do the work of configuring the interfaces for more flexibility. udhcp has been included in BusyBox and is no longer maintained as a separate project.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  31 Oct 2002 22:08

    Release Notes: There is a laundry list of minor bugfixes, including improved lease logic, a fix for occasional incorrect checksum computation on big endian hosts, improved renew behavior, improved signal handling, and a fix to config file parsing. The source now also integrates nicely with busybox; simply drop it into busybox/networking/udhcp whenever you want to sync.

    •  27 May 2002 08:22

      Release Notes: Various interoperability fixes, a new script hook for when DHCP NAKs are received, and internal changes.

      •  01 Oct 2001 19:50

        Release Notes: bootp paramater support was added to both the server and the client. The client now adds a vendor id to each request. Pidfile handling is improved and standardized across the client and server. Man pages were added to the client and server.

        •  15 Sep 2001 04:38

          Release Notes: A new --quit/-q option to quit after a lease is obtained (primarily for initrd), a fix to make the client only listen for raw packets on correct interface, and other small bugfixes for the client were made.

          •  27 Aug 2001 22:44

            Release Notes: Install rules were added to the Makefile. Client scripts have been simplified into one script and the redundant info file removed. Command line options have been added to the client to control its forking behavior. Also, the server has been modified to force broadcast to broken clients that request unicast (and can't accept it).


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