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04 Aug 2004 09:57 Makyver

Re: can we say ugly?
well that's all in the eye of the beholder ...
I don't really think you can judge a window managers looks this soon in the development.
There is a lot to be said for plain striaght forward elegance, that and the fact that it isn't using gtk or qt making what it looks like quit impressive.

24 Jun 2004 15:20 mugendai

Re: can we say ugly?

%this thing is UGLY

%I just had to say it

personally, i find it quite elegant and wish that i

had the skills to make the (few) minor improve-

ments i'd like to see in ude/uwm. i installed it on my

gf's computer so that i wouldn't have to be stuck

with gnome or kde when i'm using/maintaining/fixing

her computer.

22 Mar 1999 16:33 skoidat

can we say ugly?
now I know *I* havn't made a window manager but still...this thing is UGLY
I just had to say it


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