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The ucsd-psystem-fs package allows you to mount UCSD p-System filesystem disk images as Linux file systems. It is a implemented in user space, using the FUSE library and module. The ucsd-psystem-fs package also includes several other tools for manipulating UCSD p-System disk images.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  24 Aug 2010 04:45

    Release Notes: The ucsdpsys_disk(1) and ucsdpsys_mkfs(1) commands now understand how to write the boot blocks. The ucsdpsys_mkfs(1) command has a new --architecture option, which can be used to set the byte sex of the new file system. The ucsdpsys_disk(1) command can now move all of the files to the beginning of the disk image, maximizing the space available for the UCSD p-System to work with.

    •  20 Jan 2008 06:51

      Release Notes: There is a new ucsdpsys_mount -t option to convert text files on-the-fly. The Teledisk (.TD0) and ImageDisk (.IMD) formats are understood for read-only access.

      •  10 Sep 2007 05:18

        Release Notes: The IMageDisk (.imd) format is understood for reading. The license has been changed to the GNU GPL version 3.

        •  04 Apr 2007 15:34

          Release Notes: The ucsdpsys_disk(1) command now automagically converts text files during put and get operations unless specifically requested to perform binary transfers. The ucsdpsys_disk(1) command now preserves the modification date (as far as is possible) across gets and puts. The ucsdpsys_disk(1) command is now able to get and put whole directories from and to UCSD p-System disk images.

          •  11 May 2006 15:28

            Release Notes: The file system is functional, and understands many different disk interleave styles.


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