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31 Jan 2000 02:33 juanlargemoose

Base-level utility modules from undergrad CS books
Regarding this library, the Freshmeat listing says "Base-level utility modules from undergrad CS books".

That's a fair assessment, actually, and it's exactly why these modules were written. These are mind-bogglingly basic bits of code, but it's amazing to see how many people will try to size and sort an array when a splay tree would be easier, or re-code the same linked list over and over again rather than do it once and just re-use the code.

The hope is that these are simple and solid enough pieces that people will pick them up and use them with as little thought and effort as they are currently spending on such things. The point is that they are "base-level".

(Oh, and code from this library is being referenced for examples in undergraduate CS classes around the world.)



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