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Autopilot UAV

autopilot is a command and control system for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. It provides hands-off flight controls for helicopters and simple "moving map" control for the ground station. Manual control is similar to operation under IFR with three axis EFIS.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  25 Mar 2003 21:44

    Release Notes: The telemetry network layer has been reworked to use timestamped and tagged UDP datagrams. This avoids the problems with dropped TCP packets causing the entire data stream to be lost. The servo driver now supports high speed ("digital") servos from JR and Futaba on the Rev 2.4 boards. Rev 2.2 boards require hardware modifications to support the new servos. The Futaba PCM1024 radio format can be decoded in real time. All GUI codes have been wrapped into Fltk widgets for a more professional appearance.

    •  24 Jun 2002 01:54

      Release Notes: The simulator and helicopter can now be flown with Futaba transmitter through our buddybox/trainer port interface. The simulator has been redesigned to be much more modular and now uses a typesafe vector math library. The flight controller has a SWIG interface. The rev2 prototype code is much more efficient and now longer jitters under high interrupt load.

      •  11 Mar 2002 14:41

        Release Notes: This release adds an OpenGL helicopter simulator for testing out the inertial measurement system (IMU) and for calibrating the attitude/heading reference (AHRS). The inertial data, either from the simulator or from the IMU on the real helicopter, feeds into a Kalman filter that can run on the ground station or on the realtime board.

        •  27 Jan 2002 06:04

          Release Notes: This version is the second major restructuring of the code. Everything for the onboard system has been packaged into onboard/avr/mainloop.c and installs from there. As with 2.0, this requires the custom PCB or an STK500 with Mega163 hooked up with the same connections. The ground station does not work with the current output due to UART problems onboard.

          •  13 Jan 2002 15:29

            Release Notes: The is the first major restructuring of the code and the first port to the custom circuit boards. The Rev 1.0 circuits have been produced and hacked. Static tests have been successful with the ./efis/gs program and the ./onboard/src/flybywire program. The onboard code has been split into a AVR library and controller program. The Mega163 is the default architecture, since that is what is socketed on the new PCBs. ADC is polled rather than interrupt driven and is scaled to the internal voltage reference. A PID (Proportional/Integral/Derivative) control loop library has been added.


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