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01 May 2013 21:07 hsleisink

"Is there a better CMS?"
Yes, there is. And it's called Banshee

23 Jan 2011 19:48 gvy

Folks, anyone to announce 4.5.0 in a few days? ;-)

17 Oct 2006 12:27 centauro

Typo3 rocks!!
Ok, is true that the first four months working with typo3 are heavy and almost a nigtmare, but after you get the idea of TypoScript and templates you have resolved all your web develop needs for your entire life.

The group/users access control is really nice and the workspaces are very easy to use.

Typo3 is so powerful and flexible!, I can't think something I can no make with T3. Joomla, Xoops and Drupal are just CMS, but T3 is a big and well made plataform.

Only one thing sucks on T3: the extensions uses a weird/wacko compress format, this is very unflexible and annoying to review the source code.

21 Jul 2006 14:18 DDDAVID

Is there a better CMS?
What do you think? Is there a better CMS than TYPO3? I do not think so...

21 Jul 2006 14:04 DDDAVID

Re: Best CMS!

> Typo3 is the best CMS i've seen!

You are right...

We, a Internetagentur form Düsseldorf, Germany are using TYPO3 since years... :)

08 May 2006 13:06 cyberworks

Extension Online Labs
Hello everybody!

As already stated in one post before we are about to develop a new extension for TYPO3. This Extension is beeing developed with the University of Limerick/Ireland and we are searching for developers willing to join this project.

The Extension should provide a Network for Online Labs based on TYPO3.

Further Information and contact details can be found on Internet Agentur (

08 Apr 2006 04:00 cyberworks

TYPO3 Extension "Online Laboratories"
We are about to develop a new TYPO3 Extension for an International Project dealing with Online Laboratories and Online Experiments.

If anyone is interessted in, please contact me.

08 Apr 2006 03:57 cyberworks

Re: Best CMS!

> Typo3 is the best CMS i've seen!

Yes, you are absolute right! We develop Websites with TYPO3 and it seems to be the best Open Source CMS ever seen! We also have developed a description for beginners availabe at (German)


29 Dec 2005 14:41 phpexpert

Best CMS!
Typo3 is the best CMS i've seen!


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