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typhon is a slim and themeable OpenGL-based frontend, dashboard, and program launcher. It's meant to be easily used on Linux HTPCs, but also works on standard desktops or as netbook launcher. It has picture support for background, icons, stencils, and preview pictures. There's also an optional auto-screenshot mode that creates a preview picture of the launched app after a user-configured time. It also has a built-in OpenGL ffmpeg video player, which can be used to video preview programs and emulators/ROMs or simply to watch some movies. The video and everything else can be rotated into any direction and the position can be saved. Everything can be configured by the user, including colors, whole color themes, font, font size (any TTF font will do), optional sound effects, optional 3d icons (using glut), and background and preview pictures. Already installed screensavers can also be used as backgrounds using compositing and transparency.

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Recent releases

  •  26 Jan 2011 11:29

    Release Notes: Mousepicking was added for objects and colors. Search options and an internal editor were added. PS3 and unleashx themes are natively supported, and a converter to the native typhon theme format was added. A custom theme import function was added. An MP3 player with visuals was added. A new settings menu was created. 21 different emulators and 140 programs are now supported. An experimental berkelium OpenGL chrome browser function was implemented. Hotkeys are now configurable. Much more was also done.

    •  20 Jul 2010 18:11

      Release Notes: This release adds an ffmpeg video player, a video preview mode, the ability to mouse-rotate video or preview pictures individually, an option to stop video on programlaunch, and an option to use previewvideo instead of previewpicture (falls back to previewpicture if videopreview isn't found). It updates videopreview on menuswitch. The external video player has been removed. You can rotate a video manually in x,y,z directions and save the state in themeconfig. There are some ftgl cosmetic changes and other minor fixes/changes.

      •  21 Jun 2010 07:42

        Release Notes: The debug build was fixed. "Quick-browse" keys were added. Wiimote controls were added using libcwiid. A compilation problem for Arch Linux was fixed. The program should work with more gfxdrivers out of the box now.

        •  26 May 2010 09:37

          Release Notes: Many new features were added, like screen rotation, a new default theme, the ability to use themes of other frontends, xmbmode, arcade cabinet mode, the ability to start screensavers or videos in the background of the main theme, many new user definable options in the settings menu, and much more. The build system was switched to cmake. fmod support was removed. devIL is now used instead of glpng. The optional dependency on the rootwindowid was removed.

          •  23 Mar 2010 14:40

            Release Notes: All the code was split into several parts for easier expanding and reading. Minor code cleanups and fixes were done.


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