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PHP Text File Database

With the PHP Text File Interface (Txt-Db-API) you can access normal text files like an SQL Database. You don't need any special database software on the Web server, yet you can still use SQL calls. You can use the API to create, query, change, or delete SQL tables, and you don't have to bother with the text files themselves; almost everthing can be done with the supported API calls. The Txt-Db-API is object-oriented and very simple to use.


Recent releases

  •  07 Nov 2004 12:45

    Release Notes: This release is PHP 5 compatible, and features better locking.

    •  26 Sep 2003 10:57

      No changes have been submitted for this release.

      •  30 May 2003 21:13

        Release Notes: This release has support for the _ wildcard in LIKE, and huge performance increases for LIKE.

        •  01 May 2003 21:35

          Release Notes: A large redesign was done to add functions support to the Txt-Db API. Easier SQL query syntax lets you use columns in WHERE, ORDER BY, and GROUP BY which aren't listed after SELECT. The columns just have to be in one of the tables which are in the FROM part. Support is included for the following functions (SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE only): UNIX_TIMESTAMP, MD5, NOW, ABS, LCASE (or LOWER), and UCASE (or UPPER). Support was also added for the following grouping functions (SELECT only): MIN, MAX, COUNT, SUM, and AVG.

          •  21 Mar 2003 21:23

            Release Notes: The latest alpha seems to work fine, so the API has beta status now. Please note that this should be the most stable version of the API at the moment. The old versions without "-Beta" (like "0.1.1") aren't more stable. Windows newlines are supported now. Please note that the txt-db-api still only writes Unix newlines, but tables which contain Windows newlines are also read correctly now.


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