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TXR is a new data munging language. TXR's special pattern language provides template-based matching of entire documents or large sections of documents. It also contains a language for functional and imperative programming. It is written in C and takes the form of a utility that is portable to Unix-like platforms and Windows.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  11 Jun 2014 19:01

    Release Notes: Solaris (x86) and FreeBSD are now supported targets. There were some new functions and bugfixes.

    •  11 May 2014 02:39

      Release Notes: This release fixes the eql function mishandling floating-point values, broken default argument handling in get-line, get-char, and get-byte, and a long-standing bug in the pattern language related to backreference matches of empty strings.

      •  05 Apr 2014 18:18

        Release Notes: This release adds big improvements to the generational garbage collector, which is now released and built by default. There are some new macros and functions. Word list literals and quasiword list literals have been added to the syntax. Bugfixes have been made.

        •  22 Mar 2014 19:13

          Release Notes: This release adds some minor new functionality, fixes a broken floating-to-integer conversion function, and resolves a nagging syntactic issue.

          •  16 Mar 2014 17:42

            Release Notes: This release adds some new syntactic sugar in the pattern language. On platforms which have sigaltstack, TXR programs can now catch and recover from a SIGSEGV caused by runaway recursion. A new prof operator measures the bytes allocated during the evaluation of an expression and the CPU time consumed. The API is now exposed to the trie data structure. Some new functions are added, and at least fourteen bugfixes.


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