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04 Oct 2003 04:52 theshadow

good and bad
There are a number of very good points in this Wiki, but also some horrible ones.

I especially dislike the user management, which is just horrible and the default installation keeps you completely in the dark about how to start with admin work. Registration is missing important information and the whole Login/Logout interface is "cleverly" (rather not) hidden.
That it (apparently intentionally) ships with the developers being admins on your Wiki is something I find hard to describe without becoming insulting.

On the plus site, the multiple webs idea seems great, the fact that you can manage most of the configuration right from the Wiki is a welcome change, and that it doesn't require a database will be a plus for many people without.
There are also a lot of plugins available to extend functionality, and several skins to change the looks, even though some of them I wouldn't willingly inflict on anyone.

If you are looking for a powerful basic engine and want/can invest work on customizing it so it becomes useable, this is one you definitely want to try.

31 Jan 2003 09:45 foxkid

TWiki deployment
I have deployed TWiki on my companies intranet, and it is slowly gaining use. We needed a knowledge base, as well as a document production system. TWiki is serving as both.
I made some changes to one plugin to better serve our needs -- the TocPlugin. It now creates streamlined HTML which can be processed into PDF files for customer distributions.
Because GoodTechnology is good in many contexts, I've added a TWiki to my home web for home metalworking projects and intrafamily communication.


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