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09 Sep 2009 07:53 straker

Looks like Alexander's back in the game! He's now distributing version 2.2, written against Qt 4, from the official TuxCards Web site.

19 Apr 2008 15:51 straker

Newer version by a different author
TuxCards is a great little program, but Alexander hasn't

released anything beyond version 1.2 (ca. 2004).

A fellow named Amit Chaudhary has added a few

enhancements (most notably, encryption) and bugfixes,

and as of this writing is distributing a version 2.1.1 from

his Web site:

Official or not, this may be of interest to some folks.

04 Feb 2003 21:34 morleron

This is a great combination of a project or document outliner and note editor. You can keep track of any number of projects using seperate files or put everything together oin order of priority. It is also possible to attach notes to any of the outline items.

Similar to KnowIt, but better, IMHO.


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