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Turtle Firewall

A firewall configuration project based on Linux 2.4.x and iptables. It has a web interface with an intuitive Webmin module.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  02 Feb 2006 18:34

    Release Notes: New service definitions were added: igmp (Internet Group Management Protocol), bpalogin (BPALogin), and openvpn (OpenVPN protocol). Bugs were fixed.

    •  11 Jan 2006 15:50

      Release Notes: Multiple sources and destinations were added in firewall rules. A service attribute was added in filter XML tag of services definition files. The drop_unclean option was eliminated, since it doesn't work with kernel 2.6.x. Bugs were fixed.

      •  02 Nov 2005 15:39

        Release Notes: A mangle mark rule attribute for QoS (iproute2) was added. A bugfix was made for the turtlefirewall stop procedure.

        •  16 Sep 2005 13:07

          Release Notes: This release adds support for iptables-restore, which works more quickly than the iptables command.

          •  15 May 2003 13:08

            Release Notes: A small bug was fixed. The "de" language file was fixed. NAT was improved so that you can change the order of the rules. A bug in the NAT rules was fixed. A bug concerning configuration backup download was fixed.

            Recent comments

            11 Jul 2003 13:32 brokenpacket

            Logging to the console
            I have several redhat boxes using the Turtle via webmin. Love it, but the logging broadcast packets to the console is driving me and other colsole users absolutely nuts. (Yes we have M$ on the network) Is there some way to edit the config files to stop console logging of broadcast packets? Maybe even Multicast packets? (Cisco CDP protocol)
            Alternativly, can I add a field to the rules to optionally log or not log a rule so i can create my own rule to block broadcast and not log it at all.


            24 Jun 2002 23:56 rlillard

            I installed this project but am unable to correctly configure it. I think a translation of the documentation to english
            would be a big help as I am Italian challenged.


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