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Troll-ftpd is smaller and uses less resources than older servers, and executes no external programs. It allows virtual-IP servers, supports only the most-used features and commands of FTP, and leaves out everything which is deprecated, meaningless, or insecure.


Recent releases

  •  05 Apr 2001 23:12

    Release Notes: This version fixes a minor denial of security problem. IPv6 support will be added and any new security problems will be fixed, but apart from that, this is probably the last release. At least two projects use troll-ftpd as a base: silug ftpd (a threaded ftpd largely based on troll-ftpd but trying to reach even higher performance), and pure-ftpd (a GNU project which uses troll-ftpd and adds a lot of features, even including "fortune" support).

    •  05 Nov 1999 07:42

      No changes have been submitted for this release.

      Recent comments

      12 Mar 2001 09:26 frankdenis

      Troll-FTPd is now Pure-FTPd .
      Troll-FTPd is no more supported by his original
      author. But the project was continued, has new
      maintainers, and has now plenty of features. See
      the <a

      28 Mar 2000 09:44 bofh69

      ASCII support, sendfile(2) usage, PAM support patch...

      I've hacked on the code some to add PAM support. I also added
      support for ASCII mode transfers and I made it use sendfile(2), instead of memory mapping, for binary transfers. I have not yet measured if it gives an performance increase.

      ASCII mode transfers are real CPU hoggers and they can be improved a lot! It is also not 100% correct although it works in the general case (windows lusers uploading scripts...)

      Find a complete package here:
      troll-ftpd-1.25-sa-1.tar.gz (


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