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Trinux is a minimal Linux distribution that boots from a single floppy or CD-ROM, loads its packages from an FTP/HTTP server, IDE filesystem, or additional floppies, and runs entirely in RAM. It contains the most comprehensive set of network security tools available in any Linux distribution and can be used to conduct security research, analyze network traffic, and perform vulnerability testing of networks and applications.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  09 Aug 2003 03:29

    Release Notes: This is the first release in nearly two years. It is built on Busybox-1.0.0pre1 and Linux 2.4.21, and includes single-floppy and 20 MB ISO boot images, but no support for PCMCIA networking yet. Numerous new/updated packages include packit, disco, tcpdump, dropbear, packetto, apache, lcrzoex, ippl, dnet, amap, openssh, wipe, tct, and more. New (but still incomplete) documentation is now available as well as a FreeDOS utility disk to ease hard drive (or compact flash) installation and booting via loadlin.exe.

    •  30 Jul 2001 06:45

      Release Notes: Trinux 0.8x has been upgraded to kernel 2.4.5 and now provides four different boot images: net, ide, pcmcia, and iso. Package loading and initialization have been greatly enhanced, several dozen new packages are now included, and most major packages have been updated to the latest stable versions. Also, Trinux now uses /dev/shm (tmpfs) for all non-root partitions.

      •  01 Aug 2000 23:38

        Release Notes: The boot floppy was totally rebuilt using glibc2.13, kernel 2.2.16, and busybox. Support was added for many NICs, including SMC, 3Com, Realtek, Intel, DEC, an AMD. New tools include ethereal, dsniff, nstreams, fragrouter, tcpreplay, isic, sing, adm-smb, nbtstat, sentinel, openssh, p0f, zodiac, and ddos-scan. Updated tools include nmap, hping2, and ngrep.

        •  12 Aug 1999 21:55

          Release Notes: General package and image updates. Includes stripped down X server for multiple xterm support.

          •  21 Jun 1999 00:44

            Release Notes: Upgraded to Kernel 2.2.10 with support for nearly all common NICs, a smaller, modularized initial ramdisk, initialization scripts reside on floppy (not in initrd) for easier customization and development, fast, remote package loading using wget, binary compatibility with RedHat 5.2, Updated versions versions of tools such as nmap, ntop, and iptraf, and added new tools such as ipchains, cgichk, hping, and mns.


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