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22 May 2006 04:02 ed_avis

Re: Free download ?
It looks like they're now disallowing downloads completely and have replaced the project with a page of FUD promoting their new proprietary system. Anyone have a copy?

11 Jan 2004 04:36 u326

GPL ...
If it is released based on the gpl you can download it and offer download from your own server or e.g. from sourceforge.

07 Jan 2003 18:56 ravenmorris

Re: Free download ?
I agree with you completely.

Someone should grab the direct URL link and just have link there.

20 Nov 2001 05:30 clg

Free download ?
I found no ways for downloading this without giving my
email address.
IMHO, giving an email address on the internet is nowadays
a payment mean.


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