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trf is an extension library to the script language tcl, as created by John Ousterhout. It extends the language at the C-level with so-called "transformer"-procedures. With the help of some patches to the core the package is able to intercept all read/write operations on designated channels, thus giving it the ability to transform the buffer contents as desired. Existing transforms include Base64, UUencode, Hashes (SHA, MD5, ...), error correction codec, zlib-based compression, script level transforms.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  05 Dec 2000 16:38

    Release Notes: Cross-references to related software were added to the documentation. Several minor bugs related to the installations tools were fixed. Support was added for bulding static libraries, and for building with mingw32. Some error messages were changed to make them clearer. Changes were made to adapt the extension to the overhaul of the stacked channel stuff in the Tcl core. Fixes were made for a buffer overun in quoted-printable, and for an infinite loop in zip.

    •  14 Mar 2000 10:14

      Release Notes: A series of bugfixes in configure and Makefiles with regard to the MD5 binding, a fix for a memory leak, and better support for generation of static libraries and linking to static libraries (zlib, bzlib, md5).

      •  09 Nov 1999 04:28

        Release Notes: Dropped support for Tcl 7.6, support for stubs and TEA-compliant building of this extension, rewritten handling of seek requests for transforms, compile-time options for static linking of compression libraries, load-on-demand MD5 functionality, new commands 'md5crypt' and 'crypt' for use in password authentication, and a new option '-nowrap' for zip transformations.

        •  08 Oct 1999 16:25

          Release Notes: The bug in the 'bzip' (de)compressor has been fixed, and compile time options to statically link zlib (--enable-static-zlib, -DZLIB_STATIC_BUILD) and bzlib (--enable-static-bzlib, -DBZLIB_STATIC_BUILD) have been added.

          •  23 Jul 1999 03:39

            Release Notes: base64 is now fully MIME compliant, new "quoted-printable" conversion thanks to Marshall Rose, partial support for the "bzip2" compressor thanks to Jan Nijtmans, and support for Tcl 8.2 has been added.


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