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TreeDoc demonstrates a novel way to display hypertext and view documents, and provides free code for beginners to easily create such displays in HTML. The live demo at shows a "tree-control document," in which links are opened and closed in the middle of the calling page, right below the link, instead of on a new page. This lets you open a document's sections, subsections, definitions, etc. just as you would open subfolders in a "tree control." The pages are still 99% HTML, but with a couple encapsulated PHP functions (similar to link tags), so TreeDocs are as easy to create as ordinary Web pages.


Recent releases

  •  13 Jun 2000 06:47

    Release Notes: Description of how to pass variables (arguments) into PHP pages linked in place by TreeDoc.

    •  26 Apr 2000 09:19

      Release Notes: A fix for a subtle bug of links interfering with one another, opening links or tabs by default, and more robust detection of missing Javascript.

      •  13 Apr 2000 09:54

        Release Notes: Fixed "back-button" bug with autoscrolling; added Quick-Reference doc page; added optional META arguments to headWrapper().

        •  05 Apr 2000 09:04

          Release Notes: Automatic scrolling of links back under your cursor when you click them (using JavaScript), so the page seems to hold still instead of jumping.

          •  29 Mar 2000 02:11

            Release Notes: First release.


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