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Transmuter Programming Language

Trans (short for Transmuter Programming Language) is an extremely dynamic, biologically-inspired prototyping language providing a framework for experimenting with naturally evolving systems of objects over the net, and for exploring new ideas about recombinant software, code morphing, and evolutionary programming. Trans is also a very capable general-purpose programming language. It's fast, flexible, compact, object-oriented, highly extensible, and easy-to-learn. It can be used for rapid prototyping, or as a scripting language, an embedded language, a network server or client, a system of cooperating network nodes, a real-time control and monitoring system, and more.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  05 Sep 2006 06:24

    Release Notes: This substantial release includes a new x86 Linux version, many language and built-in function enhancements, new optional syntaxes, true aliases, enhanced macro code generation/construction, restructured and restyled import objects and shell, library objects, more detailed examples, a new external API, and increased stability and speed.

    Recent comments

    12 Apr 2007 12:37 rshiple

    using aName = builtin someF

    shades of APL typo tolerance ;-)


    laod = builtin load


    If only Smalltalk/V had come prepped with my

    most common

    self ahlt " - and -"

    eslf halt



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