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TransProCalc is a translation project management tool. It assists with initial project estimates, management of multidocument, multilanguage, multiprovider project data, and crunches up the numbers at the end of a project in a nice tidy report for the bookkeeper.

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Recent releases

  •  25 Mar 2008 09:23

    Release Notes: TransProCalc can now open and save projects (a very useful, major enhancement). There were also some changes to the GUI and major and minor bugfixes.

    •  04 Mar 2008 13:03

      Release Notes: Printing was enabled via LPR. A calculator was embedded in the main window. ProjectEst and ProjectOut have been consolidated in ProjectFin. Close buttons on all dialogs close those dialogs, and only Quit on main window exits the program. The About button was removed from all but the main window. Text previously in the main window has been moved to the About.

      •  09 Feb 2008 00:44

        Release Notes: Tax percentage has been made a user-entered value. The translation units have been changed from "words" to units (wds/lns) to accommodate those who charge by line (or even by page).

        •  08 Feb 2008 14:48

          No changes have been submitted for this release.

          Recent comments

          15 Aug 2008 13:34 tonytraductor

          TransProCalc seeks Tcl-ers
          There are a number of new features this project needs, some of which I have tentatively begun to implement at home, experimentally, but, I would greatly appreciate assistance from experienced FOSS tcl-ers willing to volunteer a little time to assist.

          Such features include:

          a) to have an integrated calendar (tkremind?) for scheduling of tasks and for reminders of due dates, due invoices (both payable and receivable), etc. (I would require serious assistance with such a feature, considering my current level of skill).

          b) more user configurability of parameters such as the no. of documents, providers, charges, etc. for a project. (these are all hardwired, now, and if the user needs fewer than the fields provided, must enter 0 in the open fields or get math errors, and if they want more fields than are present, well...SOL...I've figured out how to configure the gui to allow the user to configure these numbers, but need to completely rewrite all the math routines to function with the new variables, and that will be very time consuming...)

          c) connection to a provider db and a client db so that client and provider information can be saved and re-imported easily.

          (I think I can work something like that in...although, not exactly a db, I can have it save client or provider info the same way it now saves project info, save all relevant somebody.tpclient or somedude.provider files in a .tpcalc dir in /home or something...I could do that...again, very time consuming...)

          d) perhaps better cross-platformability (like adding winders printing routines for the reports, and wrapping it up in a tclkit or starkit to be downloadable as one executable binary, instead of a handful of modules installed with a shell script, as it currently is), although, I often question how much I really care about usability on Winders.

          Mostly I don't care...

          e) maybe some autocompletion feature, to where, if one starts to type in a provider or client name, the app can complete the field (or offer options starting with the same letter, etc. sort of thingy...I haven't the slightest idea how to write that in).

          f) invoice generation (it prints report now, making an invoice generator would be trivial...but time consuming, again...)

          24 Mar 2008 19:16 tonytraductor

          I finally got save project, open project working, fixed some minor bugs, and made some other enhancements, today.

          (Thanks MUCHO to all the guys on #tcl @ freenode!!)

          29 Feb 2008 16:58 tonytraductor

          Printing of reports enabled
          Printing of reports enabled, via lpr.

          This is a linux tool, but, I believe Mac users will be able to print, too (maybe need fink, I don't know),

          and Windows users would only be able to take advantage of this function with cygwyn.

          21 Feb 2008 16:31 tonytraductor

          bug fixes
          I fixed a little bug in assignment reporting today, and made a few other minor changes.

          Everything is groOvy now.

          16 Feb 2008 10:54 tonytraductor

          4 TOOLS to help manage projects!!
          TransProCalc now has 4 distinct, but integrated tools:

          ProjectDocs to manage document information for mutlidoc/multilanguage projects.

          ProjectAssign to manage assignments for multidoc/multiprovider projects.

          ProjectEstimate for estimating project financial data upon initiation.


          ProjectOut to manage financial data for bookkeeping/invoicing upon completion of the project.

          It's a powerful translation project management tool, now!


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