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28 Dec 2008 14:04 lugoteehalt

libm & libz?
It has dependencies libm and libz - what on earth are these? The irritation value of this is near infinite. If you search for them in Debian they could be one of about a dozen different things.

27 Oct 2004 09:05 JustinArthur

Where is XviD zones support?
In version 0.6.12, using the latest version of xvid4conf, I do not see support for XviD 1.x zones at all. This is pretty important for transcoding rips so that the credits don't waste your file size.

17 Jul 2001 19:34 wojci

If you would like to merge avi-files together then
can do it for you...


15 Jun 2001 05:31 ostreich

Re: not to be nitpicking,
Currently transcode relies on "mpeg2dec" .
Any MPEG system/program/video stream "mpeg2dec" is able to
decode into raw video frames (RGB) should work as input.
Same for audio. You need the "ac3dec" package or
"mpeg3cat" from "libmpeg3" to extract and decode to raw
audio (PCM). Apply the patches to stream to stdout.

15 Jun 2001 04:47 mocm

not to be nitpicking,
but a .vob file is usually a program stream according to iso/iec 13818-1 and not a system stream according to iso/iec 11172-1. And the
program stream on a DVD is even more restricted, e.g. by a packet size of 2048 bytes.
In the interest of those who want to transcode other than DVD program streams, it should be made clear what the program can and cannot do.


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