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Traffpro is a Linux-based traffic control, traffic accounting, bandwidth shaping, bandwidth management, and network security system with many features for reporting and billing. Internet access can be distributed to a LAN and users can be assigned a traffic quota. Networks are protected from external intrusions with a firewall. You can control ports, blacklist URLs, add iptables rules, configure multiple ISPs and multiple subnets, detect viruses, view URL histories (without Squid), see the traffic consumed by individual users, and more. It also has a ticket support system and a captive portal module.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  25 Sep 2010 09:22

    Release Notes: A transition was made from the QUEUE kernel module to NFQUEUE. A redirect authorization/captive portal module was added for clients trying to access blocked pages or those with a negative traffic balance. The URL surfing history report format was changed and the generation of the report was accelerated. A bug in the server protection firewall was fixed. Multiple changes were made in the internal structure of the system to increase system performance.

    •  05 Sep 2010 06:33

      Release Notes: The kernel module was changed from QUEUE to NFQUEUE. The captive portal module and redirect module were written. The URL surfing history report format was changed to generate reports faster. A bug in the server protection firewall was fixed.

      •  30 May 2010 20:33

        Release Notes: This release adds the ability to separate traffic shaper streams. It adds algorithms for balancing channels: (multipath rr,drr,random, and wrandom). It adds load balancing mode on packets and on (equalize) session (default). It adds a new type of report based on traffic on terminal servers. It adds the ability to work using the squid proxy server with user authorization from the TRaffPro database. It adds an asymetric type of speed limit. It adds a function to specify the number of connections for P2P traffic (torrents). It adds VPN PPPoE Authorization using CHAP, MSCHAP, or MSCHAP2 authentication.

        •  26 Mar 2010 05:59

          Release Notes: The traffic shaper was rewritten from scratch. Warning system plugins were added. QoS parameters were added to determine the type of shaper. The ability to manage the length of the queue in real time was refined. The option "Prioritizing traffic on ports" was added in the tariff plans. An opportunity to speed up or down the channel for certain ports is now provided. An option in the tariff plans to "Equalize channel bandwidth" was added.

          •  06 Dec 2009 21:52

            Release Notes: Multiple bugfixes in the daemon. A graphical interface fix Minor interface changes. The ability to back up a database directly from the Web administrative console, manage DHCP servers, telephone directories for administrators, telephone directories for clients (optional), logging of administrators' activities, a sites reference directory, a sites group reference, domain hits rating, user domain hits ratings, and more.


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