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TradeClient is a UNIX mail client and personal information manager for X. It uses GTK+ and includes support for multiple accounts. It supports POP3, IMAP, SMTP, and LDAP. It includes an address book that can interract fully with an LDAP server, and a personal calendaring system.


Recent releases

  •  23 Mar 2001 17:03

    Release Notes: Full IMAP support has been added, as well as the ability to read/write MBOX format mailboxes. MIME processing has been improved. Timed checking of messages has been enabled. Lots of general bug fixes and polishes were made.

    •  12 Jan 2001 19:32

      Release Notes: Better print support, improved LDAP handling, new schedule widget, message sensitivity, clipboard fixes, tons of bugfixes in MIME processing, and much more.

      •  02 Nov 2000 14:58

        Release Notes: Greatly enhanced and optimized message search facilities have been added. Message attachments now get properly encoded/attached as per RFC822. Furthermore, reply to all now works properly again. TradeClient will now remember window sizes between mail sessions. New message filtering options were also added. More segfault and memory leak fixes were made.

        •  06 Oct 2000 05:04

          Release Notes: PDF User Guild, message searching, fixes for "Sent-Item" folder support, force fetching, automatic alias substitution, message priority support for creating, displaying, and sorting messages, empty trash is now a menu item, fixes for calendar notifications and scheduled process execution, a better TODO list interface, context reply quoting, and improved SMTP header support which will help when talking with Outlook users (expirations, sensitivity levels, reply by, and categories). More options were added to message filtering, a new ability to send any message to your favorite Web browser (should help with more types of Web emails), fixes for printing (calendar views) and return receipts, message progress bar is now functional when fetching messages, and unknown MIME types no longer cause segfaults. Tons of MIME segfaults and memory leaks have been fixed and more types of HTML email are detected to support Web browser reading, and messages can now have their read status toggled to force one time message processing again. Opening a folder with lots of messages has been significantly sped up (linear versus log), and folder logic has been cleaned up.

          •  27 Sep 2000 15:02

            Release Notes: Version 0.7.1 fixes a segfault that occurred when replying, as well as a few small bugs.


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