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Network Tracker

Network Tracker builds a table which records which user is connected on which port of a switch by scanning SNMP-enabled devices. It keeps the inventory of these devices up-to-date by scanning the network regularly. Devices are also checked with ping and SNMP, and the user is informed by email when any of the devices is not alive.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  29 Jan 2007 14:26

    Release Notes: trackerd is now multi-threaded and works very quickly because a new thread is created for each network device. MAC tracking code has been reimplemented for multi-threaded use. Wireless access point support has been added. gnuplot graphics are prepared, showing the active number of users like MRTG graphs. tracker now accepts MAC addresses in free format.

    •  14 Apr 2006 12:48

      Release Notes: Recording tracking history was added. Two new fields has been added into the settings table: HistoryCount and LocalHistoryCount. HistoryCount defines how many records will be stored in the database for each MAC address. LocalHistoryCount defines how many times the total numbers of MAC found in each tracking process will be stored in the database for statistical purposes.

      •  02 Jun 2005 19:51

        Release Notes: A new script "trackersnmp", which can shut-down/open the switch port of the given IP/MAC, was added. With a new snortsam plugin "snmp_interface_down", both projects are integrated. trackerdbgui gets an optional MySQL username (and then asks for the password) which probably has write access; otherwise, the default credentials in the /etc/trackerdbgui.conf are used. All the SQL transactions are logged into the /var/log/trackerdbgui.log file. Defining the running period of the MAC tracking process was changed and that value is shown in the output of tracker -s.

        •  03 Jan 2005 11:22

          Release Notes: This version adds trackerdbgui (GTK2) for easy database operations, CGI reports, and some statistics feature were added. There were small changes in the database scheme. Some bugs were removed. New English and Turkish README/INSTALL files and man pages were added.

          •  23 Mar 2004 10:31

            No changes have been submitted for this release.


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