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tpkg is a cross-platform tool for packaging and deploying applications. It is designed to work alongside your operating system's packaging tool. The deployment features in tpkg are designed to scale to deployments across hundreds or thousands of systems.


Recent releases

  •  05 Apr 2012 18:02

    Release Notes: This release adds a "sudo" setting to tpkg.conf. It adds -H to sudo command line options. It removes -w from Ruby flags in all executables.

    •  14 Dec 2011 14:36

      Release Notes: This release cleans up all of the query-related command line switches. It adds a --group switch so that the user can specify groups of servers rather than individual hostnames. It adds a --skip_remove_stop switch to skip running init scripts on package removal. It adds version inequality support on the command line. It now generally works under Cygwin on Windows. It adds the path to tar to the output of "tpkg --qenv". There are numerous other bugfixes and enhancements.

      •  21 Apr 2011 21:05

        Release Notes: The --force option now covers ignoring failures related to running externals, which allows users to remove or upgrade packages with bad externals data. The profile.d functionality was enhanced. Users will now be warned about non-executable init scripts.

        •  21 Feb 2011 04:40

          Release Notes: Permissions on symlinks are now set appropriately. Some harmless warnings were silenced from the library used to validate the syntax of the tpkg.yml file when making a package. An issue was fixed in the client Rakefile introduced in the last release (2.2.2) that led to client packages with an invalid directory structure. The package_toplevel_directory now only reads the necessary first few blocks of the package rather than reading the whole package. That change should speed up operations involving larger packages.

          •  15 Feb 2011 06:43

            Release Notes: This release fixes a number of warnings that were seen when running under Ruby 1.9, and several issues associated with setting file permissions when installing packages containing symlinks.


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