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TorrentWatch-X is a Web-based tool to automate BitTorrent downloads. This is a fork of the torrentwatch project, now also with NMT support. It is meant to run on Linux and Mac OS X with different BitTorrent clients (for now, only Transmission is supported directly) and make it work in all Web browsers. It supports RSS feeds from a few torrent sites that offer TV shows. It can save torrent files in any folder, so any torrent client can pick it up. It can tell Transmission to save data in any folder. It can tell Transmission to stop when a certain ratio is reached. Authentication with Transmission is supported. Your own RSS feed can be added.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  17 Mar 2012 16:25

    Release Notes: This release updates jquery to 1.7.1, fixes ratio limits not being passed correctly to transmission, fixes RSS feeds with magnet links not being added to transmission, and adds better hidelist handling.

    •  15 Nov 2011 21:38

      Release Notes: This release fixes an issue which caused the config-cache to corrupt (causing errors like: cache_dir: "" does not exist/has the wrong rights), moves the Web files to the "web" directory, includes a script to remove old files after updating, replaces the first run wizard with a default configuration, and fixes a number of smaller bugs. If you are updating from a previous version, after installing, copy php/config.php to web/php/config.php, then run to clean files no longer used. When the installation is done, update your Web server configuration to point to the web/ subdirectory.

      •  09 Nov 2011 13:32

        Release Notes: This release fixes an issue where twx-poller wouldn't run when busybox is not installed on NMT, which caused auto-starting to not work. It fixes an issue that caused the config cache to not be cleared when the config was changed. It moves from cron to a poller script on NMT, because some NMT apps empty cron on install. It adds locking on config so the config won't be erased if the disk is full. It adds config file caching for performance boost. It fixes compat with transmission 2.4x. Better support for Android and iOS devices. A fix for an issue where hiding a batch of shows would only hide half.

        •  06 Sep 2011 12:38

          Release Notes: An issue where installing on NMT fails was fixed. jQuery was updated to 1.6.2.

          •  29 Jul 2011 19:37

            Release Notes: A new look and feel. iOS and Android (mobile) support. Improved performance. An updated guessing routine. Fixes for a number of smaller and bigger bugs.


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