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06 Feb 2007 13:29 o4xah

new version

there is a new version 2.3 final

Release Date was 12/12/2006

Download it from SourceForge :-)

Great work,


29 Feb 2004 20:41 Qrome

TorrentFlux 1.2 UPdate Soon
TorrentFlux version 1.2 will include several new features as well as smoe minor bug fixes. One of the major new features will be the use of language files. If you are interested in helping by translating the language file to your native language, please contact me and I will send you all that you need to contribute.


19 Feb 2004 08:45 kyricc

Excellent work. I have been working on a PHP-GTK GUI (ala TorrenSpy) but hadn't considered a web GUI (I know, I's PHP man how could the web not be my first thought!) but you have done a bang up job.

I have had a problem with the myProfile page and skins. Getting some raw HTML to the screen and it doesn't look like the whole page loads but that is minor. I'll send a diff if I find a problem.

Let me know if you are looking for a developer to help out or if you would just like help in adding a feature.

Thanks again.



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