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TopologiLinux is an easy-to-install Linux distribution that is designed to be run on top of or inside your Windows computer without requiring repartitioning. It can mount itself using a loop-back device or be run like a traditional distribution, and works with DOS, Windows 9x, or Windows 2000/XP systems with an NTFS or FAT partition. It is based on the latest version of Slackware and contains some extra packages like, Wine, and much more.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  24 Nov 2005 12:40

    Release Notes: This release is based on a kernel and Slackware 10.2. It is now also possible to install the distribution like a traditional Linux distribution, though loopmount and colinuxmode are still supported. Almost all of the packages were updated and GNOME 2.12 was included.

    •  11 Nov 2005 22:07

      Release Notes: Based on Slackware 10.2 + Gnome (based on gware). You can now also install it in real "REAL" mode into a partition. There is a 2.6 kernel and many more changes.

      •  04 Jan 2005 16:17

        Release Notes: Small fixes and updates were made. Some packages were upgraded.

        •  19 Oct 2004 11:00

          Release Notes: Colinux was integrated, making it possible to run TopologiLinux from within Windows. A new grub-based boot manager was also added. The installation was rewritten and new scripts were included. The packages were upgraded to Slackware 10 with updates until 14 October 2004. Demo and full versions are now available - the demo is about 350MB and contains X, KDE, networking, and libraries, while the full version is supplied on two CDs.

          •  21 Aug 2004 04:07

            Release Notes: It is now possible to run the distribution from inside Windows using coLinux.

            Recent comments

            18 Feb 2007 21:27 thrashers7989

            Is Topo right for you?
            Don't be fooled by the ease of install. This is not a beginners Linux. Actually, this distribution is difficult for some experts to figure out.

            Hardware detection is almost non-existent as it only mounts hardware that is installed on startup. This means USB devices. There is a hotplug feature installed, but it doesn't seem to work.

            If you have a non-generic video card (nVidia or ATI), be prepared for a pain-in-the-butt, hit-or-miss compilation and installation of video drivers. Without the drivers, you can NOT run X-Windows (GNOME, KDE, Xfce). Keep in mind, this is a distro built for X-Windows. In my experience, my system installed about 3 GB worth of X-Windows software, but the GUI wouldn't even work without video drivers! Waste of space, and a basically useless command line that I didn't even know what/why/how to use.

            If you have a wireless network, again, be prepared for a painful if not impossible install of your network adapter drivers. This was the point I got rid of Topo...after realizing that my wireless card would never work with Topo among many other things.

            There are a multitude of small annoyances (bugs) that vary from computer to computer. They all depend on compatibility, or lack thereof, with hardware.

            The support is the worst I've seen in an active distribution. I've seen defunct distributions with better support communities. If you have a question about Topo, be prepared to wait several days for a response, and that response might not be the one you're looking for.

            To those looking to experience Linux for the first time, please take my advice. This is a good operating system strictly for experience sake. If your computer happens to be in the perfect conditions to receive this OS, go for it. I guarantee that few, if any people will use this as a permanent OS. If you want a real Linux experience, you have to look at the major distributions and learn to partition and dual-boot. Ubuntu, Mandriva, and Fedora make it easy as pie. Overall, I would never recommend Topo to anybody. You risk creating a bad image about Linux and it's just not worth some of the frustrations that come with this OS.

            30 Jan 2005 23:35 ubergek

            The potential sounds good - too bad I can't install it! I get a "Can not find script file c:\tlinux5\settapip.vbs" error, and rebooting to install off the CD image doesn't help (the NTFS support doesn't work).


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