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Top is a CPU usage display program. It provides a rolling display of the processes with the highest CPU usage on a Unix system, and also displays other information about the overall health of the system, including load averages and memory utilization.


Recent releases

  •  01 May 2002 20:13

    No changes have been submitted for this release.

    •  27 May 1999 16:26

      Release Notes: Configure checks status of "make" and complains if it fails, added module sco5, added module netbsd132, added patches for sunos5, added workaround to getans for the absence of $< in SCO Unix, changed structure member "errno" to "errnum" in commands.c and replaced hpux10 module with one from John Haxby.

      Recent comments

      04 May 2006 02:44 dinorex

      top 3.6 beta 1
      typo to last comment - should be top 3.6 beta 1

      04 May 2006 02:43 dinorex

      top 3.5 beta 1
      whilst top 3.5 beta 2 - 4 cannot be executed in SHARP Zaurus SL-C3100, top 3.5 beta 1 CAN be run fruitfully by direction execution.

      Please note, and take that info as your further development flagship.

      04 May 2006 02:24 dinorex

      top 3.6 beta 4 ...
      trying top-3.6beta4.tar.gz and encounter 'Segmentation Fault' on direct execution ('top' without any arguments) after SUCCESSFULLY compiled in my Zaurus SL-C3100 under SHARP ROM Environment.

      but it shows the command syntax when i type 'top -h' ....

      20 Jun 2003 12:46 risoto2000

      top - output analize tool (report tool) ?

      I am running a script that takes de output of the top command, and I wonder if some of you know any report tool to analize the output.

      The script I am using is:

      #Pruebas de carga para COMCEL
      dat=carge`exec date +%Y%m%d%H%M%S`.log
      top -b > $dat

      In one day the output file goes to 40 Mb.

      Best regards,
      Horacio Reyes

      02 Jan 2003 20:49 acli

      Re: Found TOP at

      > Search for procps and download one of
      > the RPMs. TOP is in there.

      This top is not that top. The top on procps is a Linux-specific rewrite; the groupsys top is (I think) the original Unix top.


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