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Toorox is a Linux live DVD based on Gentoo which starts as bootable media using KNOPPIX technology. It is designed for ease of use, with a simple control center and a hard disk installer. It contains many applications and uses KDE, GNOME, or XFCE as a working environment. A live USB pen drive image maker is also present on the desktop. It is multi-lingual and contains the unstable branch of Gentoo (x86 and amd64).

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  30 Dec 2012 15:09

    Release Notes: This release contains Linux kernel 3.7.1. KDE has been updated to version 4.9.4. It also contains XorgServer 1.13.0, Mesa 9.0.1, LibreOffice, VLC 2.0.5, Chromium 24.0.1312.45, and Wine 1.5.20. This release makes use of UUIDs instead of device names in the fstab file. A ramdisk (initramfs) will now be built during the hard disk installation process.

    •  07 Dec 2012 16:32

      Release Notes: This release is based on the Linux kernel 3.5.7-gentoo. GNOME has been updated to the latest version, 3.6.2. All packages have been updated: Xorg-Server 1.12.4, Mesa 9.0.1, LibreOffice, Gimp 2.8.2, Wine 1.5.17, Chromium 24.0.1312.14, etc. This edition now provides 11 languages.

      •  06 Aug 2012 09:58

        Release Notes: This release is based on Linux kernel 3.3.8-gentoo and Xfce 4.10. The default browser has moved from IceCat to Chromium (Xfce). The default mail client has been changed from Thunderbird to Claws-Mail (Xfce). Compiz has been added to the XFCE edition. All packages have been updated: Xorg-Server 1.12.3, Mesa-8.0.4, Grub 2.0, Chromium 21.0.1180.55 (Xfce), LibreOffice (Xfce), GIMP 2.8.0 (Xfce), Audacious 3.3, Midori 0.4.6, Wine 1.5.9 (Xfce), and Parole 0.2.90 (LITE). Both releases support 11 languages.

        •  19 Mar 2012 09:18

          Release Notes: This release contains Linux Kernel 3.2.2-gentoo and the latest KDE SC 4.8.1 Desktop. All packages have been updated: Xorg-Server 1.11.4, Mesa 8.0.1, IceCat 10.0.1, Wine 1.4, VLC 2.0, and LibreOffice The nm-applet was replaced with the KDE networkmanagement. This release supports 11 languages: German, English, Czech, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Romanian, Russian, and Turkish.

          •  20 Jan 2012 16:40

            Release Notes: A new Gnome Edition has been finished. It includes the latest stable Gnome 3.2.1, Linux 3.1.6-gentoo, and Xorg-Server 1.11.3. Some gnome-shell-extensions have been added to bring back the old fashion style (window panel and classic startmenu). All packages have been updated: LibreOffice 3.4.3, Firefox 9.0.1, Thunderbird 9.0.1, Wine 1.3.37, etc.


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