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19 Aug 2008 14:54 johnlumby

tomsrtbt bootable from usb floppy
Not sure if this project is still active.

Several years ago, there were some posts about wanting to be able to boot a tomsrtbt from usb floppy. I didn't see any definitive answer although many suggestions. I made a working one recently, based on kernel 2.2.26.

It boots ok from my TEAC FD-05PUB via an uhci controller. I had to make several mods to the linux kernel (both in usb-uhci and in the ramdisk load init) and also change the tomsrtbt settings (settings.s and the lilo boot parms) to suit a removable scsi device.

If anyone else still interested after all these years, ask and I can provide more information.


16 Apr 2003 10:19 NailBombJoe

This tool is indispensable!
tomsrtbt is a great tool for saving messed up comps
It definately saved my ass!!

08 Apr 2002 13:08 skot

Best Multiplatform Admin Tool!
Thanks for the great recovery tool! I use it to repair many different OSs' problems and have been using it for a couple of years now and always have a loaded disk handy.

When ever someone asks how to fix a broken OS, I send them your way, or give them tomsrtbt already on floppy.

Thanks again Tom!

09 Mar 2002 19:45 vuacotuong

cool rescue disk

I was able to modify my hard drive contents when Redhat won't let my computer boot, because I messed with the kernel to allow undeleting of programs. Only a simple mistake in the fsck's command option, cause Redhat to bulk, and load the file system in read mode only : (, so no modifications to fix the system can be done. Thanks to this rescue disk, I was able to fix the problem in minutes.

thanks again,

28 Aug 2000 14:03 gldnspud

ghosts and goblins
Several months ago we needed a way to back up Windows 95/98 boxes so that we could quickly restore them in the event of an operator (or Windows) error. The hard drives are big enough to store a compressed image on a separate partition so we didn't have to worry about networking issues. (Each computer is slightly different anyway so it is a nightmare either way :-)

A program like GHOST, however was not in our budget, so I turned to single-floppy distributions for help. After some research I decided to use tomsrtbt, and it turned out to be a great solution.

It's not elegant (yet) and I've only done one revision, but it has a nice little name - GOBLIN - Ghost, Only Better, for LINux. Thanks Tom!!

24 May 2000 21:05 jengo

I have been using it faithfuly for over a year now and it has saved my ass many times. This is *the* best 1 disk distro for recovery. I have used it to repair many windows computers.

I had a friend that lost everything on his computer. He had no drivers for hes CD-ROM or anything. Windows refussed to boot of the CD, So, I used this disk to copy the files needed to boot up the first time.

06 Dec 1999 18:35 swabbie

This little floppy has saved my ass more times than I can count. Good work, Tom!



05 Feb 1999 20:12 aqua

Great util
Very nicely done, makes use of a lot of devious tricks and somehow gets away with all of them. The best rescue disk I've seen yet.
Be sure you use floppies in good repair -- that 1,722k formatting isn't forgiving on disks dug up from the bottom of one's desk.


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