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tomsrtbt is the most Linux on one floppy disk for rescue recovery panic and emergencies, contains tools to keep in your shirt pockets, is useful whenever you can't use a hard drive and contains about 100 rescue tools.


Recent releases

  •  08 Apr 2002 16:33

    Release Notes: Stabilization of 2.0.0 changes, which upgraded it from kernel 2.0.39 to kernel 2.2.20.

    •  07 Apr 2002 18:34

      Release Notes: The kernel has be upgraded from 2.0.39 to 2.2.20 (patched for bzip2 kernel and ramdisk loading). Ext2 tools, fdisk, PCMCIA, rescuept, and busybox have been upgraded to the current versions. For now, only vi is included (emacs didn't fit), only PCMCIA network cards work (SCSI has been moved to the add-ons), and some other stuff didn't fit.

      •  15 Aug 2001 15:44

        Release Notes: Make space preperatory for 2.2.x.

        •  28 Feb 2001 08:57

          Release Notes: This release includes ext2fs sparse superblock and filetype support, DAC960 Mylex RAID controller support, removal of dmsdos and dutil support, upgrades to pax, tar, and cpio to read SVR4 cpio formats, upgrades to the ntfs filesystem version, anb md5 sum capability to tomshexd, a fix for undeb-- and unrpm-- minimal package extraction, a static-compiled fdformat and fdflush in the install archive, a new version of ext2fs (1.19), a fix for socket extraction in pax, tar, and cpio, as well as a vfat segfault fix. This release now uses kernel 2.0.39-final, however lies about the kernel version as a workaround for a small issue.

          •  27 Aug 1999 11:15

            Release Notes: Kernel 2.0.37 and bug-fixes to pax, tar, and cpio are the key new things.

            Recent comments

            19 Aug 2008 14:54 johnlumby

            tomsrtbt bootable from usb floppy
            Not sure if this project is still active.

            Several years ago, there were some posts about wanting to be able to boot a tomsrtbt from usb floppy. I didn't see any definitive answer although many suggestions. I made a working one recently, based on kernel 2.2.26.

            It boots ok from my TEAC FD-05PUB via an uhci controller. I had to make several mods to the linux kernel (both in usb-uhci and in the ramdisk load init) and also change the tomsrtbt settings (settings.s and the lilo boot parms) to suit a removable scsi device.

            If anyone else still interested after all these years, ask and I can provide more information.


            16 Apr 2003 10:19 NailBombJoe

            This tool is indispensable!
            tomsrtbt is a great tool for saving messed up comps
            It definately saved my ass!!

            08 Apr 2002 13:08 skot

            Best Multiplatform Admin Tool!
            Thanks for the great recovery tool! I use it to repair many different OSs' problems and have been using it for a couple of years now and always have a loaded disk handy.

            When ever someone asks how to fix a broken OS, I send them your way, or give them tomsrtbt already on floppy.

            Thanks again Tom!

            09 Mar 2002 19:45 vuacotuong

            cool rescue disk

            I was able to modify my hard drive contents when Redhat won't let my computer boot, because I messed with the kernel to allow undeleting of programs. Only a simple mistake in the fsck's command option, cause Redhat to bulk, and load the file system in read mode only : (, so no modifications to fix the system can be done. Thanks to this rescue disk, I was able to fix the problem in minutes.

            thanks again,

            28 Aug 2000 14:03 gldnspud

            ghosts and goblins
            Several months ago we needed a way to back up Windows 95/98 boxes so that we could quickly restore them in the event of an operator (or Windows) error. The hard drives are big enough to store a compressed image on a separate partition so we didn't have to worry about networking issues. (Each computer is slightly different anyway so it is a nightmare either way :-)

            A program like GHOST, however was not in our budget, so I turned to single-floppy distributions for help. After some research I decided to use tomsrtbt, and it turned out to be a great solution.

            It's not elegant (yet) and I've only done one revision, but it has a nice little name - GOBLIN - Ghost, Only Better, for LINux. Thanks Tom!!


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