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tnimage is a scientific image viewing and analysis program. It performs image registration, 2D gel analysis, wavelet transformation, 2D-FFT, densitometry of rectangular, circular or arbitrary-shaped areas, morphometry, grain counting, segmentation, image convolution and deconvolution, measurement and calibration. There is a builtin spreadsheet for pixel editing, and it includes numerous filters for zoom, mask, warp, gradient flood fill, animation, Bezier curves, chromakey, transparency, multiple fonts, subscripts, rotated text, arrows, sprayable math and filtering, and graphically-editable colormaps. New features are easily added with plugins. It features a scanner and camera interface, a user-friendly interface based on Motif, and the ability to handle 512 images simultaneously in separate windows or in a single large window.

Recent releases

  •  09 Sep 2004 15:16

    Release Notes: Miscellaneous bugfixes and compilation fixes were made. New features were added. The filters and drawing functions were improved.

    •  25 Mar 2001 17:48

      Release Notes: New features include image registration/affine transformation, multiple crosshairs to indicate the corresponding point on all images, and adaptive local contrast filter. Spot densitometry can now use a predefined list of x,y points (such as list created by grain counting). Improvements were made to simultaneous display of multiple animated images and to image algebra.


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