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14 May 2012 14:52 bkorb

Request for enhancement: In the current era of spaces in file names and URL encoding of such names, "it would be nice" if this ftp client would accept various encodings for file names instead of making a user figure out the "correct" encoding via trial and error. I'd go to the trouble of submitting a patch, if I thought it'd be accepted.

30 May 2009 16:05 jfiddler

I couldn't build tnftp under ubuntu 9.04 on the SheevaPlug. It's missing variable ARG_MAX. I kludged it by adding that directly to tnftp.h, and it works fine. But, this is the wrong way to fix the problem.

28 Feb 2003 09:17 proskin

Download location is incorrect
The download location for version 2.0-beta1 is incorrect as I'm writing this (I hope it will be fixed). This is the directory where all releases can be found: (


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