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30 Jan 2002 07:28 tkscanfax

efax 'bad units' error
efax running under some european locales may cause an error,
'efix error: bad units ...'.
It is due to the decimal string differ from '.' in some locales.

If you encountered such an error, update your efax to
or replace the fax script(/usr/bin/fax).


23 Jan 2002 18:46 eacepayeakermaye

Microtek MRS-1200 E6 and sane scanimage command
I had to edit the scan-drivers subdirectory entry to get it to call my scanner with the sane command "scanimage -v -dmicrotek".
The preferences saved settings didn't work from the menu.

I also removed the ampersand after the $command to try to make the gui interface coordinate with the scanimage command. But, that didn't work. I simplified down to just the $command and $file because the the current microtek-mtekscan.tcl file $options and $resolution obviously weren't meant for scanimage options.

Finally, I gave up because I don't have more time to spend on this. It looks close to working. But, not quite.

01 Nov 2001 05:44 DanyDb

Good !!!
That small utiliy works fine, very light, I think it is enough for a personnal use.
I recommend it

08 Oct 2001 23:49 tkscanfax

TkFax-0.99c Released!
New version of Tkfax-0.99c with many features added.
TkFax-0.99c now support Red Hat Linux-7.x.
Try tkscanfax-0.99c-1.2.noarch.rpm for RedHat-7.x.
Visit the home page for other distributions.

30 Jul 2001 00:18 tkscanfax

The final test version 0.99 released!
The final test version of TkScanFax - a Tcl/Tk based GUI fax program on ANSI C/POSIX with support of 'efax' and I18N is released.

Download now and enjoy it!
Your report is welcome.


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