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TinyFugue is a programmable client for text MUDs. It is primarily for Unix-like platforms (including Mac OS X), but also works on Windows. Features include: a text terminal UI with separate panes for user input and server output; connections to multiple MUD servers, displaying each in a virtual window; a powerful scripting language; Perl-compatible regular expressions; user-defined triggers and hooks to allow scripts to be executed automatically based on text from server or other events; user-defined highlighting/coloring and gagging (filtering) of server text; user-defined key bindings; a history of server output and user input; locale support; a library of useful scripts; IPv4 and IPv6; SSL; EOR and GOAHEAD prompt protocol; MCCP (MUD client compression protocol); and ANSI display codes (e.g. color).


Recent releases

  •  18 Dec 2004 11:43

    Release Notes: This release fixed several SSL bugs, crashes caused by prompts in expnonvis mode, and some other problems.

    •  30 Apr 1999 13:57

      Release Notes: Workaround for solaris terminal driver bug that could disable keyboard.


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