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TimeTrack is a program to track time in a modular, project- oriented way. A single timer has the ability to help users track time over a whole project through maintaining a list of triples that consists of start time, end time, and a description field. Timers can be arranged over several tabs, and information is stored in XML files. It also has the ability to import single timers from other files to merge timer data with other timer data.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  15 Dec 2004 07:07

    Release Notes: This is a bugfix release preparing the next feature enhancing release. There were many bugfixes to the timer editor widget, some minor GUI enhancements, and some bugfixes in the mainwindow widget were made.

    •  11 Jun 2004 18:10

      Release Notes: This release adds an autoload feature for report templates. It fixes some dialog layouts and the report generator. It now prints all the entries again, not just one.

      •  09 Jun 2004 18:11

        Release Notes: This release adds scrollview support to the main tabs to assist in management of huge amounts of timers, extends the report generator with a limit function to select the area of time you would like to have a report about, and adds a few helpful substitution macros to the report generator.

        •  07 Jun 2004 23:55

          Release Notes: A generic report generator has been added to build reports free from the boundaries of one file format. It makes use of template files that can easily be reused or traded. Some minor bugs have been fixed.

          •  30 Mar 2004 18:32

            Release Notes: This release adds a feature to save a running timer, an export dialog, an configuration dialog, a status bar in timer widgets, an autoload feature, and some minor convenience functions. Some minor glitches have been fixed.


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