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TileLib is meant to be an easy to use graphics library geared towards people wanting to make tile based games, such as RPG's, or side scrollers. It is meant for people developing with the Allegro graphics lib in C++, and should work under any OS supported by Allegro.


Recent releases

  •  16 May 2000 07:49

    Release Notes: Smooth scrolling support, a fix for a minor bug in tilelib.h that was lacking some #ifndef tags, a 4th example program to demonstrate smooth scrolling, and a new documentation page layout.

    •  11 Apr 2000 14:39

      Release Notes: This release adds support for placing tiles at offsets other than 0,0 (you can center tiles now), support for disappearing roof layers, bug fixes for some people's TLtest2 demo program, and backwards compatibility with all old maps. No separate user interaction is needed.

      •  06 Apr 2000 15:53

        Release Notes: This release adds support for any video mode handled by Allegro, getResX() and getResY() functions to retrieve the width and height of the screen resolution, a changed getVideoMode that now returns one of the standard Allegro video mode defines (i.e. one of the GFX_ constants), and a setPalette() function to set the palette at any time from the loaded map file's resource data file.

        •  20 Mar 2000 10:39

          Release Notes: First release.


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