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Tilda is a console application taking after such classic first person shooters as Quake, Doom, and Half-Life. It is a console with the ability to slide off of and onto the the screen when the user needs it with the click of a button.

Recent releases

  •  28 Apr 2008 17:24

    Release Notes: This release fixes metacity 2.20 and 2.22 focus problems. It adds future plans to the TODO list. It updates the documentation to reflect the current key bindings. It fixes Ubuntu's bugs regarding copy and paste, and fixes autotools so that it can generate release tarballs. There is no more visual bell.

    •  13 Dec 2007 04:31

      Release Notes: Tabs now loop around. Better animation is provided. Links can now be Ctrl+Left Clicked to open them in a Web browser. A clear/reset issue was fixed. GNOME shortcut keys are now used. * A background scrolling bug was fixed. Gettextize is now used for translations. True transparency was added. The scrollbar is now off by default. A bug in getting the new lock file was fixed. Resize/move from hide was removed when animation is turned off. This will fix the closing of certain programs when Tilda is hidden.

      •  30 Nov 2006 06:04

        Release Notes: Double buffering is now in the preferences. Support for a window icon was added. A --hidden command line option was added. "Display pulled down on start" was changed to "Start Tilda hidden". The preferences window was updated. "centered horizontally" and "centered vertically" options were added. Double buffering is enabled by default. The getnextinstance() function was fixed. The default slide delay was changed to 15000. A .desktop file and icon are now installed. The copy and paste features were bound to ctrl-shift-c and ctrl-shift-v. Alt-# is used for switching tabs. getinstance was changed back to its old way of working.

        •  30 Jun 2006 04:52

          Release Notes: Ctrl-# changes tabs (alt-# can't be used because bash uses it). Ctrl-shift-w was fixed. Height and width can be specified as a percentage of the screen resolution. Tabs are now the same size. Stale code was removed. "tilda -C", then Cancel now quits the application. The wizard is now a GTK dialog that uses stock buttons. The command line in the wizard was fixed to take command line arguments. The restart handling in close_tab_on_exit was fixed. A strlen warning in tilda_window.c was fixed. The apply button was removed, since it was confusing.

          •  23 Jan 2006 22:09

            Release Notes: Many small bugfixes. A new configure backend (use the converter script or delete your old ones). Increased use of glib (glib 2.8 or greater is needed). No more blinking of the screen when hitting backspace, delete, or tab multiple times. Sliding action is added. Shortcuts for addings tabs and moving to the next and prev tab. Ctrl-Shift-T (New Tab), Ctrl-Shift-PageUp (Next Tab), and Ctrl-Shift-PageDown (Prev Tab).


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