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TiK is a pure TCL/Tk implementation of AOL Instant Messenger (AIM). It has most of the features the native Win32 and Mac clients have, plus some extras. It includes a graphical buddy list display, full font support, graphical emoticons, away messages, buddy pounce, buddy ticker, IM/Chat capturing, message broadcasting, a GUI preferences system, and much more. TiK's expandable nature allows the addition of new features through packages.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  26 Jun 2001 20:15

    Release Notes: Selective package loading has been added. Quotes no longer break instant messages. Font scale numbers have been changed to take up less room. Many tik functions now use tik_filters. Google search options have been added. tik_play_sound no longer gives an error if the soundfile doesn't exist. prefs no longer overwrites user rc files. The AOL away bug, bbar resizing in chat, an offline toc communication bug, a chat user list bug, and the inability to copy from text areas in Windows have all been fixed. A version notification system and auto updating info have been added.

    •  26 Jul 2000 05:30

      Release Notes: Your current tikrc and tikpre files should be backed up before using this version. The permissions on the configDir were changed to 0600 to prevent local users from obtaining your password. A GUI preferences system was added. Tooltips were added. The "packages" directory has been split and rearranged, such that you must either do a clean install or rearrange the directories by hand to conform to the new setup. There is also a new 'installwindow' that pops up the first time TiK is opened if it cannot detect a config directory.

      •  24 May 2000 05:11

        Release Notes: Added instant message remote administration server and gui. Now saves non-normalized names in .config files. Added away msg delay. Added away msg nicks. Offline group now optional. Added silent away mode. Fixed tikrc option of putting 'Help' menu in Packages menu. Made some of the .wav files smaller using sox. Offline group now optional. Away now unregisters on window close. Exporting a buddy list immediately after editing the list works. Miscellaneous other fixes.

        •  18 May 2000 21:56

          Release Notes: This release adds bugfixes, menu changes, improved Tcl/Tk 8 .0 compatibility, a keepalive package, and new buttons.

          •  01 May 2000 18:02

            Release Notes: TiK now will operate on systems with a version of Tcl/Tk older than 8.1, but extended features such as "smileys" and the message preprocessor will be disabled. In addition to that, for 0.85 the button bar has been added to the initial IM, quickpounce, and chat windows. There are now options for disabling IM/Chat loggging. Graphical buttons were added to more windows.

            Recent comments

            09 May 2000 21:19 bluedragon

            has anyone gotten this to work well with a black background?
            i changed every background option in the example tikpre file to black, and every foreground one to lightcyan, even added ones that there were backgrounds but not foregrounds for. also changed the ones in the tikrc file
            but the normal im text in the view window is still black on a black background in the text box

            19 Mar 2000 18:33 all4tish

            Re: wow!
            daspek and i decided it'd be cool to put up a cvs (hosted at ( and a webpage for it and its centralized development

            some people e-mailed him (who actually registered the page) saying they'd made some personal/private versions. we grabbed them, and blended them together as well as we can

            and that's the story

            19 Mar 2000 13:36 joshewah

            where did this release come from? I thought they had abandoned Tik! Who took the initiative to bring it back?

            18 Sep 1999 22:11 zip

            unknown socket error
            i get this messahe when i try to connect with tac, tik, and gaim doesnt work, does anyone else experience this or know how to fix it?

            POSIX ECONNREFUSED {connection refused}
            bash: POSIX: command not found
            couldn't open socket: connection refused
            while executing
            "socket $host $port"
            Unknown Socket Error! This is NOT a bug with TiK!
            while executing
            "error "Unknown Socket Error! This is NOT a bug with TiK!""
            bash: !"": event not found
            (procedure "sflap::connect" line 32)
            invoked from within
            "sflap::connect [normalize $connName] $tochost $tocport [normalize $sn] $proxy"
            (procedure "toc_open" line 5)
            invoked from within
            "toc_open $::NSCREENNAME 5190 5190 $::NSCREENNAME $::PASSWORD english $::REVISION"
            (procedure "tac_connect" line 22)
            invoked from within
            (file "./tac.tcl" line 650)

            31 Jul 1999 14:58 mkb

            I have set up a small TiK page

            Since AOL's TiK page is down, I decided to set up a small TiK page with a mirror of the latest version of TiK and some links. It is at: (

            Enjoy and feel free to send me comments.


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